Monday, September 15, 2008

Galvanic Spa - Nu SKin product

On Saturday, I've attended the workshop for this product so called a Galvanic Spa. To be honest, I never attend any such similar things in the past but this was really cool. We (participants) all had a testing on ourselves after the introduction and demo done by the product consultant. 

Later… the result for everybody. I initially quite sceptical and could not really noticed the difference on the half face each participants (no wonder, I forgot to put my glass). However, when I looked closely, yes I found that almost everyone would have a difference on their face especially the laugh line and eye bag. I do not want to describe in details about the difference and the best way is just let the photos & testimonials talk. I put some photos for your self justification (taken from the related website). My friend did take a photo of my face and later maybe I can just upload & share with you guys.


I just googled the product details after the workshop (at my home). Yes, this website was quite cool to explain the details of the product. 

Check it Here! For more details. 

One of the reasons I want to really check was because they (person at the workshop) told that the product (Galvanic Spa) was also used by Nicole Kidman. Yes....she's not young but I heard the sales of this product was really "BOOM" after she said that she will not go to the red Carpet without this Galvanic Spa. You can just google it to check and confirm yourself. 

For the Malaysia market, I have confirmed from this site that this was registered and approved by National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau. Anyone can just search the product name in that website to confirm. 

NU SKin Product 

This Galvanic Spa was actually one of the NU Skin product. For info, Nu Skin is a public listed company in New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and I heard they are no.3 after Microsoft and Google. The company with its products and business compensation has been the most successful in the world in a sense that as of September 2008, it has created 576 US dollar Millionaires around the world! (Can Google it to confirm). Being Public listed in the prestigious American New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) since 1996, it has upheld its business track records and you can check the financial health of the company from 3rd party sources by going to NYSE. In the NYSE, you can then search for Nu Skin's financial statements under its trade name, NUS. You can also access the Nu Skin Corporate Financial Website for more information about the company. 

Okay, I find it enough for the first time explanation about the product. If someone is interested about the product and want to know the details and plan, you can just email me. 

Video to watch! 

p/s : NU Skin have variety of skin care products and supplement plan for those interested in different products. 

"Small, smart, powerful and portable, the Galvanic Spa System II Instrument brings you the ultimate home spa experience" - The ACB Beauty Magazine 

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dicky said...

ko join bisnes ni ke gie?

Hasmizie said...


ye aku baru je start nak bisnes ni. Ni la first time aku nak involve in bisnes pasal skin care product.

Mr N Mrs |mran said...

how much eh for one complete set?

mesti mahal ni :P

ekhwanfa said...

ada satu lagi produk....HOT DIP treatment gak..tapi bukan tuk org...tuk besi!! hehhe

Hasmizie said...

ni bukan nak tretment pipe daa.. nak kasi muka tu cantik dan nampak muda.. :-) kau nak tak muka kau nampak muda 10 tahun? meh aku try kat muka kau. jgn lupa buat appointment ngan aku time balik raya ni. aku boleh buat demo utk kau. aku skrg dah jadi authorised dealer untuk product Nu Skin.