Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Return from Nassau, Bahamas

I have returned from Nassau, Bahamas island on last Friday. Hmm I've spent 5 days there. Of course I did not spend any hours at beach :-) Most of the time I was in the client office 8-6 ..busy all the times.

The view of beaches, island in Bahamas is very beautiful... but if you plan to buy something there, forget about that. Everything was too expensive and their currency (Bahamas Dollar) is just equal to USD.

We have a very good dinner with client on Thursday night at Italian restaurant in Marina village here. Very beautiful small island where you can see a lot of cruises alongside the jetty. I just surprised with the total cost of dinner.... it was USD750 for 8 person :-)

I have captured some photos in Bahamas for those interested to view and plan to visit Bahamas. More photos are available at my Flickr! photos.

"View from my Hotel room"

"Outside view of the hotel"

"Swimming pool area"

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