Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mobile Phones

I got some problem with my current handphone... hehehe maybe because I was eyeing to new phone recently? Anyway, would like to write some story about all the mobile phones I used so far.

1. Nokia 3310

Period : 2002-2003
Screen : Monochrome

I can't really remember the first model of handphone that I used but I think this NOKIA 3310 was my no.2 instead of no.1. I Bought it in 2002 (if not mistaken) and that was quite latest Nokia phone model at that time. I love this Nokia 3310 coz it small size, big screen (not applicable to these days hehe.. just so many phones with bigger screen now), light and easy to use. In 2003, left to Korea for newbuilding project and did not bring this phone over there.... buat apa, kat Korea mana boleh pakai phone ada sim card nih (skrg dah boleh ke?).

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2. HP PDA 6365

Period : 2004-2006
OS : Microsoft Windows mobile (version ???)
Screen : Colour

Purchased in 2004 when I just back from Korea. It is quite bulky and heavy but with a lot of functions available, I choosed this PDA phone to buy at PDA Expert Midvalley. With tag price at RM2900, I think it still worth it to own this gadget at that time with so many functions + touch screen :-). I can use this phone to access my M*SC email, games and some 3rd party applications like converter, eWallet, Skype and etc. With wifi enable, I can just simply surf the web at any hotspot area. Finally, fed up with so many problems like auto shutdown, battery kaput (RM300 for battery???), and so many times to do hard reset due to auto shutdown problem, jual kat Apek at Low Yat Plaza for RM500 where I used that money to top-up another RM100 and buy my 3rd phone.

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3. Motorola Razr V3i

Period : 2006 - present
Screen : Colour (Mana ada screen tak kaler lagi zaman nih hehehe)

I'm quite happy to own and replace my PDA phone with this Motorola model phone skinny size and flip phone. At least no need to worry with so many bugs (for HP 6365) :-). Function wise, it is quite ok but maybe a very big downgrade from PDA phone to just simple phone and no wifi & touch screen hehehe. It just recently gave me problem starting last month where I need to replace the ribbon (ribbon function = to connect the phone body & screen). I thought it will be ok after that but now after 2 months, it gave me another problem. Suddenly this week the screen did not display anything when I switch ON... but funny it can ring when somebody give a call or msg. Unfortunately I could not answer the phone even trying hard to press the answer key and do some swith on/off, ketuk, hempas and etc heheheh. Dah merajuk la tu kot sebab aku skrg tgh ushar phone baru yang ada power sikit :-)

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4. Nokia E71 (My next phone???)

This briliant Nokia's super-slim email smartphone will be my next target. It could really be one of the sexiest damn phones I've seen hehehe. Anyway, need to wait and see if my boss approve for my Blackberry request. Nanti tak pasal2 rugi je kalau beli and my Blackberry request approved :-)

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Ejey M. said...

Alo Jie,

Aku ingat lg masa aku jumpe mung kt rumah Koche, mung pakai HP PDA 6365 lagik. Masa tu kire lah Mijie pakai PDA tu tebal poket mamat ni siak nye impression hahaha!

Alang2 angkat iPhone la bro, baru puas hati sket, tp tgk la utk ko pakai mcm mana sbb aku pun br dpt tau yg iPhone ni kureng sesuai utk buat gadget masa keje. Utk berhibur bley la.

Joey said...

tuh la..aku pon ada time kat rumoh koche tuh (sama event ko ni?) ...mmg impressed! :D
Aku nok jugok iphone, cool giler...tapi tak mampu lagi buat masa ni...
nampak gaya mijie nyer fon taste ala corporate figure nih! power2! :D

Hasmizie said...

hahhaha.. ni aku rasa time bbuka posa rumah Koche mulo la ni kot heheh. time tu aku baru balik Korea la tu rasonyo heheh. Time tu ok la nak beli phone ganas2 sikit sbb baru kelik oversea ado la bajet lebih2 sikit plus time tu pun bujang lagi hehehhe. Iphone napok cool tapi aku buke die hard fan Mac hehe. so far takdok pun gajet2 from Mac nih :-) Raso nak back to Nokia and cari yang byk function for corporate user la e.g good mail system like Blackberry. Aku banyok sgt khijo deal ngan email nih.. :-) lagi pun molek jugak kalu ambik package unlimeted 3G.. buleh surfing skali :-)