Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Angel & other project at MMHE

I'm currently work for this Woodside Angel topside project at MMHE, Johor. Still a lot of outstanding items to be verified onboard and for last week and this week alone, just concentrate and try to finish the monorails load test (total 20 nos). Very exhausting to climb up & down onboard especially attending helideck drain pipe test today which I have to climb up & down from cellar deck to the top of helipad. Next few days and next week to verify all safety equipment, FFA, etc and maybe on Friday will be a Lifeboat test.
My wife and kids will complaint about less time spent with them :-)...yeah, sometime I have to stay back until Saturday for some test and inspection works. Since this "Angel" will sail out by mid or end March, so hopefully I can more focus on other projects & my design appraisal coordination after this.



dicky said...

memang ko tinggal bini ko seminggu ek.. wiken baru balik ek?

Hasmizie said...

ye la.. skang weekend husband la aku. Tapi kira ok la sbb still kat Mesia. X de la tinggal family utk stay oversea.

Anonymous said...

mmg...slalu kena tinggal..huhuhhu